You’ve got a book.

Let’s get you an audience.


Self-published authors do it all: we create, produce, and market our books. And most of the time we also play a number of different roles- parent, employee, community member… Right?

To all the stretched-too-thin authors out there: I’m right here with you! And I want to help because you have put too much time and energy into your work for only a few people to enjoy your book!

That’s why I created “Think Beyond the Book”. This course is designed to help you learn how to enhance your online presence, confidently enjoy the sales process, secure local and national promotional opportunities, and have readers across the country fall in love with your book.

“This course changed my whole online approach and enhanced my Instagram design and fellowship 10-fold!”- NDN, author

My Story

When I first published my book, I secretly hoped that someone other than my friends and family would read it. When I received my first order from someone I didn’t know I did a legitimate happy dance.

And then suddenly within my first 3 months I had done $10,000 in book sales WITHOUT being on Amazon or using paid advertising. Three months after that I had booked nearly 30 promotional events, most of which I completed from my dining room table. And I was being hired by authors around the country to help them enhance their online presence.

And NOW I want to help you do the same! The response from authors participating in this online course has been amazing. So here are the details.

Think Beyond the Book:

Successful Marketing for Aspiring and Self Published Authors

Think Beyond the Book is an online, self-paced course to help you succeed in promoting your book beyond Amazon and paid advertising. I’m going to share with you my 5 Opportunities for Content that Connects, show you my strategies for engaging new readers, and provide all my successful tips on booking local and national events to promote your work.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Get Set Up for Success (maximizing social media and website platforms)

Module 2: Content that Connects (ready-to-use strategies for engaging online content)

Module 3: Put Your Best Face Forward (making your online presence look super professional)

Module 4: Finding New Readers (creative opportunities for building your audience)

Module 5: Promote Like a Pro (booking author events, local, and national promotional opportunities)

Module 6: Putting it All Together (your actionable plan for sustainable success)

Course Milestones:

  1. Set up your social media and online platforms to work in your favor

  2. Create engaging online content that connects with readers

  3. Set up 6 months of planned social media content

  4. Engage new audiences of readers for your book

  5. Create a plan to schedule 3 promotional events in 3 months

To meet your needs, I’ve created 2 options for this course:

  • Starter Course ($195)- includes 6 online, self-paced modules and activity sheets.

  • Activator Course ($385)- includes 6 modules, activity sheets, 6 Time Saver Sheets (saving you HOURS of research on indie book awards, pitching for interviews, social media posting schedules, and other strategies), and access to a private Facebook group for additional resources, support, and collaboration opportunities.

Course Starts September 19th!

The next cohort of authors will start on September 19th, 2019. So grab your seat today! And here’s a special bonus: for anyone signing up for the Activator Course by September 6th, I will promote your work on my online platforms through 3 separate posts to share with all of my readers!


The Starter Course includes all six online modules and activity sheets.


The Activator Course includes all six online modules, activity sheets, Time Saver Sheets, and access to a private Facebook group for additional resources and support.

Need a payment plan? Send me a message!

More About Me

I am a self-published author and will release my fourth children’s book by the end of 2020. I been hired by authors around the country to provide one-on-one marketing coaching and help them enhance their online presence and increase readership. Additionally, I am a book reviewer for Multicultural Children’s Book Day and KidLit Exchange.

In my non-writing life, I am the Director of Marketing of a national organization, where I oversee the marketing and training development for our customers across 40 states. I have created and conducted webinars for thousands of professionals and am a regular speaker at national events.

Most importantly, I am a mom to two high-spirited children.

And now I can’t wait to connect with you! Questions? Send me an email at

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