40th Birthday Bucket List

Birthday 2.JPG

Today I turned 40!

And I’ve got a list in mind.

I thought turning 40 was going to feel scary, but it feels exhilarating. Don’t ask me why, but turning 27 actually felt much scarier to me! (Okay, email me if you really want to know why.)

I’m taking the day to focus on what I want out of this next year. So, just between you and me, here it goes:

Bucket List for Age 40

  • Help at least 100 aspiring and self-published authors achieve their book promotion goals*

  • Publish “Places We Have Never Been” in October 2019

  • Publish “Snow Day at the Zoo” in February 2020

  • Sell out of the first run for both new books

  • Release the title of my 4th children’s book (I can’t wait to share this with you!)

  • Take a family vacation

  • Take a kid-free vacation

  • Keep creating every day!

What about you? What’s on your bucket list this year? Send me a message- I'd love to know!

Talk to you soon,

PS- *do you want to be one of these 100 hundred authors?
Check out how we can make it happen.

Lauren Ranalli